Randulinas, poesia e pasta

12 d’avuost 2023, 19:00, Château Papillon, San Murezzan

The Château Papillon goes Château Hirondelle, as two Young Artists activate the Word randulina.

with Christopher Giese and his Team («Chesa Inox») and with the poet Flurina Badel.

Christoph Giese presents his latest project «Cuschina Randulina», it celebrates its very premiere this weekend at the Château and brings local products, nature & nature’s eatable jewels on to our plates, cooked by his international team of friends.

Flurina Badel is a Young Engadiner Artist and Poet from the LowerEngadin. She stands on her own as the one top young author and poet in the Engadin writing and composing in Romantch. It is an honor count her as a friend of Château and to host her, the winner of the Swiss Literaturprice 2020.
Flurina will read some very new «modern day Randulin poems» and some from her latest book «tinnitus tropic».