Truth is a four letter word – Opera by Fred Frith

17 of february 2023 in Paris, 25 of february 2023 in Nantes

If in Paris or in Nantes – come and see TRUTH IS A FOUR-LETTER WORD an Opera by FRED FRITH (with Jérémie Sarbach and Flurina Badel in the supporting roles ;-)) – Narcis has become the most powerful man in the world, thanks to a new app. A self-proclaimed guru, he urges his followers to dream up a life for themselves and make it come true on Mars. The activist group ECHO tries to thwart his plans, by infiltrating Narcis’s network – and then his soul! Fred Frith, an icon of the downtown New York scene in the 80s and an award-winning composer of movie sound tracks, composed the score for this satirical pocket opera, with a libretto by playwright Julie Gilbert.

Commissioned by Sons d’hiver festival.
In collaboration with Le Lieu Unique, Nantes.