Between Heaven and Earth
Show, 2013

Exhibition with works by Flurina Badel, Giancarlo Lamonaca and Lissy Pernthaler

in La Giarina Arte Contemporanea, Verona
Flurina Badel is represented with several artworks in the exhibition „Between Heaven and Earth“:

The photo series „Der Wald will mich nicht“ („The forest doesn‘t want me“) shows a few attempts of following the desire to melt with nature.

„My beetroot story“ is a video which is projected on milk in a bowel. A woman is slowly spinning round until she drowns and reappears again. There are sounds of water in it‘s different aggregate states which at times accompany the woman or hurry her along or away. This work explores the questions of wherefrom and whereto and whether origin and end will meet, not in the sense of time and space, but of emotion and energy. An other video is titled „FLURINA“ and shows two hands approaching a white fabric fixed in a round embroidery frame. The hands start stitching. With every stitch blood trickles through the fabric. Eventually letters become discernible. The artist‘s name Flurina. The tradition of signature embroidery becomes an identity constructing activity, bloodstains and stitched signature as evidence of existence.

Materiality and craft are significant elements of Flurina Badel‘s self-concept as an artist and of her oeuvre in general. Thereby stitching has been playing a continuos and temporarily the main role in her artistic work. It is the connecting constant amidst a variety of artistic activities. As in the performance „Unter meiner Haut II“ („Under my skin II“), which Flurina Badel showed at the opening of the exhibition. For several hours the artist was be sitting on the floor working with needle and thread on a skin-like robe which she is wearing on her body. In this performance Flurina Badel inquires different states of fear. While „Under my skin I“ focused on thoughts, words and sentences which arise in states of fear, the stitching in this performance is more abstract, driven by the dynamics of fear as a recalcitrant psychological pattern scratched under one‘s skin. Fear can be a familiar place of retreat. After the opening the embroidered robe remained as part of the exhibition. (Text: La Giarina Arte Contemporanea, Verona)


by moxi